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You can always find your favorite beer, along with a variety of tap beer depending on the season.

Serving all your Top Shelf Spirits & more

We also offer top-shelf spirits and liqueurs for those with a more refined taste. From a snifter of smooth brandy to the cool taste of a martini, we welcome you to join us for your favorite mixed drink, shot or other top-shelf alcoholic beverage.

Fine Wine for that perfect moment.

Massaya Le Colombier 2015
A fresh, thirst-quenching wine for everyday drinking, distinguished by hints of spice and pepper. Drink when young to fully enjoy its fruit.

Massaya Terrasses de Baalbeck 2012
Attractive ruby hue of medium depth. A nose of fresh scrubland with a hint of jujube, while its finesse and elegance are clear as soon it touches the palate.

Massaya Rose
A gorgeous strawberry colour, with aromas of red berry fruits and subtle spice. Best enjoyed within 2 years of release.

Sweeter and lighter than Champagne, prosecco is delicious on its own, but really comes alive with a touch of colour and some clever blending.



Fakra - Arak
The secret of "ARAK FAKRA" lies in the combination of two Lebanese vine-plants "Obeidi" and "Merwayh" and the anise coming exclusively from the Syrian "Hina". The joyful combination of soil, climate, and sunlight has a major effect on the aroma of both vine and aniseed. "Assal" and "Laban" springs add a final touch of delicacy.

Razzouk – Arak
An anise-based spirit from Lebanon has a truly distinctive flavor which has made it the national beverage of its mother country. Arak Razzouk, is made from special varieties of sweet mountain grapes, which are crushed, fermented, and then distilled over a low fire and aged and mellowed for at least six months.

Cave Kouroum - Arak
Cave Kouroum was born and the 1998 vintage (Brut de Cuve) was an especial pride and joy, receiving extensive appraise at Vinexpo Bordeaux in 2001.

Ksarak - Arak
The arak of Chateau Ksara is a truly authentic expression of Lebanon's traditional, anise-flavored spirit. It is produced in a specially-designed alembic still using an innovative technique to assure that only the heart of the distillate, the real "pure flower", is used. Finally, following ancestral norms, Ksarak is matured for two years in clay jars from Beit Chebab before it is at last ready for consumption.

Distilled from the white wine of indigenous Lebanese grape varietals and blended with uncrushed aniseed before aging in clay jars for 12 to 18 months. Serve chilled for a refreshing summer drink that cleanses the palate and aids digestion.


Hummus ~ Chickpeas blended with tahini, lemon juice and garlic

Baba Ghanouj ~ Puree of eggplant, flavored with tahini, lemon juice and garlic.

Tabbouleh ~ Salad made of chopped parsley with cracked wheat, tomatoes, onions, oil and lemon juice.

Makanek ~ Lebanese sausage sauteed with oil and lemon.

Kibbee Balls ~ Fried kibbee balls stuffed with beef, lamb, almonds and onions.

Raw Kibbee ~ Ground lean beef, mixed with cracked wheat and spices

Plate of Vegetables

Mixed Nuts


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